Charles (zetsu12) wrote in fandizzletastic,

Free iPod and XBOX 360 ahoy! I didn't really believe it either...

My girlfriend Lori recently brought over her iPod. I was extremely puzzled as to how she obtained such an expensive and juicy piece of hardware. She then directed me to

My jaw dropped as I realized these people were the real deal. I read articles all over the web - BBC, CNN, Yahoo, etc. that were solely based on what the Gratis Network was doing (giving away lots of free expensive goods).

I immediately signed up and completed an offer. I signed up for the free Napster 7-Day Trial, which in the end was actually entirely free. I then cancelled it after I received credit for it. Then all I had to do was refer 5 friends and have each one complete one offer. Which brings me to why I'm here on Live Journal.

I completely vouch for, and guarantee these offers. I'll even send you a picture of Lori holding her iPod if you don't believe me, or you could just go here:

After I get this free iPod I'm going after that XBOX 360 which requires 8 friends to sign up and complete an offer. I recommend that everyone do this! The first link I posted for the iPod is my referral link, and heres my referral link for the XBOX 360.

Have fun friends of mine...
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