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Name: Stephanie
Age: 13
State: Florida
Hobbies: Skateborading. That's basically it.

Color: Black.
Movie(s): Interview with a Vampire. Queen of The Damned. Napoelen Dynimate. Haggard.
Band(s): HIM. afi. Nirvana. Green Day. Seether. Evanesence. Bowling For Soup. The Killers. Coheed and Cambria. Pretty Girls Make Graves. Marilyn Mason.
Song(s): Broken-Seether Feat. Amylee Join Me-HIM 1985-Bowling For Soup
Coma White-Marilyn Mason.
Book(s): Hard Love
Sport(s): None.
Tv Shows: Family Guy. Real World. The Simpsons. Pimp My Ride. Best Week Ever.
Ice Cream: MInt Chocolate Chip.
Actor: Jimmy Falon
Actress: Your Mom.

Abortion: I think pro=choice is the way to go. Who says the goverment has control over someones baby.
Drugs: I don't do them. But I won't judge anyone who does.
Alcohol: I could care less.
Smoking: Bad.
Racism: Fuck you if you are. Thats wrong just because someone is a differnt color than you. :)
Violence: It's the way to go.
Why do you think you qualify as FanDizzleTastic? Because I joined this community. Duh.

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